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You Deserve to Use the Good Soap. You're Worth it.

"Oh! That soap is too pretty to use!"

"I'll just display it for decoration."

"I could never use something so beautiful to shower with!"


Have you ever said any of those things to yourself when looking at pictures of handmade artisanal soap? I'm here to tell you that you are worth it. Yes, you. You deserve to use the good soap. I know you have probably grown up with that family member who always kept a little dish or display of fancy soaps for decoration. You were NEVER allowed to actually *gasp* use them! These soaps were literally created for people to use. I want you to use them! Your skin will thank you for using them!

Your skin is the largest organ in your whole body. It's your first line of defense against germs like bacteria and viruses. It's so crucial, especially in today's climate, that we take exceptionally good care of it. The most important thing we can do for our health is wash our hands. According to many scientific studies, washing with regular soap kills just as many germs as washing with antibacterial hand wash. Knowing how important our skin is against the onslaught of germs in our world, would you want to risk damaging it each time you wash by using store-bought detergent-based "soap?" Using properly formulated handmade soaps that have all the natural glycerin still left in them, can be kinder to your skin. And given the number of times we must wash in a day, wouldn't you want to make that time a pleasure - a joy! - instead of a chore? 

So let's talk about your worth. If you're like me, you have many responsibilities. People, and in some cases - animals, rely on you. Most of your day is spent in service to others. Whether it's at a job for someone else, homeschooling your children, entertaining your toddler, or caring for an ailing family member, there are too few moments in your day that are truly yours. You can take back those moments by doing one simple thing: make your handwashing "chore" no longer a chore... make it an experience! Feel the silky slide of a sudsy soap bar across your skin. Experience the aroma of your choice wafting from the luxurious foam. Delight in the intricate designs and/or bright colors that speak to your soul. Notice the clean feeling of freshly washed skin without the tight, cracked, squeaky feeling of other "soaps." Because you're worth it. You are. 

What makes handmade soaps from Sweet Home Soaps different from other handmade soap vendors? Ingredients. As you already know, what you put on your skin matters. I use aloe juice and milks as a replacement for the water in my recipe. I use a large portion of conditioning oils and butters (20% butters for most recipes). The butters I use are high quality, organic in most instances, and less refined to retain the wonderful properties of each. I personally prefer not to use a huge portion of olive oil because I have found it to be slimy feeling even with a long cure. I use enough coconut oil to lend a nice lather, but not so much that it strips your skin of natural oils. I use a higher than average superfat to further balance my bar. I utilize luxurious additives like real cruelty-free Tussah silk and/or colloidal oatmeal to elevate my bar. Because I do not participate in markets or shows, I have to rely on the internet to sell my soaps. When you shop online, you shop with your eyes. That's why my designs are eye catching, elegant, or "over-the-top." They're still usable soap. They are not complicated to use, they feel good in the hand thanks to the hand-beveling of all the sharp edges, and they don't contain harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Handmade soap is not just for gift-giving, it's for using. Because you're worth it.

Ready to elevate your washing from a chore to an experience?